Matala is a small village at the south coast of Crete 70km from Heraklion. The Minoan palace of Festos is 7km east of Matala and the harbour of Festos used to be at the nearby Komos beach in the Minoan period. There is a nice organized sandy beach in Matala with a lot of shops,bars,cafes,restaurants and it attracts a lot of visitors mostly during the day time. If you find it to busy in Matala, you have two more choices to enjoy the sun and the sea in the area. At the south side of Matala bay and only by walking you can reach the Red beach. A small red sand beach without shops, cars or tourist facilities. Is also the only beach in the area where you can swim naked. The other choice you have is at the north side of the bay, the famous long beach of Komos. Just 5min drive way from Matala is the perfect place for walking on the beach, laying on the sandy beach with a lot of space around you or make a dive in the crystal clear water of this historical beach. Back to Matala now. Matala has become famous from the artificial caves, carved in to the rocks. These caves were first inhabited during the prehistoric period. Tombs found in the caves date from Greek, Roman and early Christian times. During the 70’s the caves were hosting hippies from all over the world and with this way Matala become international famous. Musicians like Joni Mitchell and Cat Stevens have been here for some time composing beautiful songs about the beauty of this place. The entrance to the caves today is free but the overnight stay is not allowed. When the sun goes down the atmosphere is roulette online changing. The most of the visitors are leaving and the lucky ones who stay they can see all the beauty of Matala. The perfect sunset the small bars and cafes the easy going feeling that this place gives you. Come and get that feeling.